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White Oak Trees

Zones 3-9

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The White Oak (Quercus Alba) is a shade tree, it grows to a height of 50–80′ and a spread of 50–80′ at maturity. This tree grows at a slow to medium rate, with height increases of anywhere from less than 12″ to 24″ per year. The white oak prefers slightly acidic to neutral, deep, moist, well-drained soil. While adaptable to other soil textures, it is intolerant of alkaline, shallow or abused urban soils. It can, however, tolerate moderate drought and occasional wet soil. Provides great fall color, with leaves turning showy shades of red or burgundy. Develops notably strong branches. Can live for centuries.Features alternating leaves that are 4–8″ long with 3–4 rounded, finger-like lobes on each side and one at the tip. Intervening sinuses sometimes reach almost to the mid-rib. Produces long, yellowish-green catkins drooping in clusters in the spring. Yields acorns that are up to 1″ long with a warty cap that covers about ¼ of the nut.

Full sun and partial shade are best for this tree, meaning it prefers a minimum of four hours of direct, unfiltered sunlight each day.

Zones 3-9

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