Virginia Pine

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Zones 4-8


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The Virginia Pine (Pinus Virginiana) grows to a height of 15-40′ with low branches forming a pyramid shape when young. At maturity, trees develop long limbs and a scraggly silhouette. Cones come in groups of two or four, are 1-3 inches long and have a sharp prickle at the tip of the scale. The needles identify the plant as a pine. These are arranged in bundles of two and grow up to 3 inches long. Color is yellow-green to dark green. This tree grows beautifully in almost any soil but prefers well-drained areas with neutral to acidic pH. Sandy loam or clay soil provide ideal conditions. This pine is so adaptable it can grow where other pines won’t and is useful to cover abandoned and infertile areas.

Plant 10-12ft apart.

Full sun is recommended.

Zones 4-8

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