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Texas Everbearing Fig Tree


Zones 7-10


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The Texas Everbearing Fig (Ficus carica) tree grows to heights of 10′ with spreads up to 12′. It makes a great potted plant and will grow to about 2-3’ tall in containers. This fig is a good choice if you are looking for figs for preserving or if you are merely looking for an ornamental bush for your yard. The large figs ripen in summer, the flesh is amber to pink with dark burgundy-purple skin. Flesh is sweet, soft, grainy in texture, nearly seedless. Begins producing a light crop of figs in May, then bears more heavily in June through August. Figs grow nicely and will bear fruit when grown in containers where they can be artfully pruned to create a living sculpture to decorate decks or patios. This is convenient for two reasons: cold climate growers can move their figs indoors in the winter and the plants can be removed from the patio when the fruit begins to (over)ripen. Colder climates will require shelter or to be brought indoors during cooler months. Plant in clay; loam; sand; acidic; alkaline; well drained soils. Self-fertile. Full sun to partial shade is recommended.

Zones 7-10

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