Sourwood Trees

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Zones 5-9

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The Sourwood (Oxydendron Arboreum) is considered both a shade tree and a flowering tree. A deciduous  tree that is native to the eastern United States from Pennsylvania south to Florida and Louisiana. It is perhaps most commonly found on rocky wooded slopes in the Appalachian Mountains. Matures to a height of 20-50′ with a spread of 10-25′. Features gray bark and finely toothed glossy green leaves, 5-8 in long. Leaves have a sour taste, hence the common name. Leaves produce consistently vivid fall color, typically turning crimson red. Waxy, white flowers bloom on slender, drooping, one-sided terminal panicles (4-8” long) in early summer. Flowers have a slight fragrance. Flower panicle stems remains in place as the flowers give way to 5-parted dry capsules that ripen to silver-gray in September. Flowers are quite attractive to bees. Sourwood honey is a highly prized local product. Best grown in acidic, moist, organically rich, well-drained soils in full sun. Tolerates part shade, but with somewhat diminished flowering and fall color. Intolerant of drought and urban pollution. Prefers full sun/part shade

Zones 5-9

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