Red Rome Apple Tree


Zones 4-8

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The Red Rome Apple tree is a fruiting tree that grows to heights of 10-14′ with spreads up to 8-14′. It is a little less vigorous than most trees, so it is considered a moderate grower. The tree is “droopy” and has a distinct look to it that many other varieties don’t have.

Red Rome blooms are white, it blooms late in the season, ideal for frosty locations.  It’s a favorite for cooking, baking, cider and drying. It’s a medium to large sized apple, with all red skin, and very firm, hard, white flesh. It stores well if refrigerated.

Plant Red Rome trees in clay, loam, silty well-drained soils. Harvest late October. Pollinate with Gala, Yellow Delicious, Red Delicious. You may also pollinate with other late bloomers. The Red Rome Apple tree will require at least 700 chill hours.

Full sun is recommended

Zones 4-8

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