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Purple Flowering Raspberry

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Zones 4-7

2.5″ Potted

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pflwr - rasp : 2.5"

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The Purple Flowering Raspberry (Robus odoratus) makes a very desirable shrub. The rose purple flowers appear in the late spring on the upper portion of the branches. Flowers are fairly large, 1 to 2″ across. The large 3 to 5 lobed leaves are attractive lime green during the growing season and by autumn are a deep yellow. Red fruits appear in the summer, which are dry and not palatable. The stems are smooth stemmed and brownish gray when they leaves fall. The plants grow from underground stems and will spread outward moderately.

Growth heights are up to 6′ tall with spreads up to 12′ wide.  This shrub has hairy stems but virtually no prickles. Flowers give way to 3/4″ diameter, cup-shaped red fruits (raspberries) which are edible but somewhat dry, crumbly and unappetizing. Sometimes commonly called Thimbleberry.

Attract birds and butterflies.

Grow in average, medium moisture, well-drained soil in full sun to part shade. Has good shade tolerance. Prune immediately after fruiting. Best in shade gardens, shrub borders, native plant gardens, or wild or naturalized areas.

Partial sun is recommended.

Zones 4-7

Ships in 2.5″ Pot