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Navaho Thornless Blackberry

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Zones 6-10

2 Year Plant!

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The Navaho Thornless blackberry has thornless shoots with large, deep blue-black shiny fruit that grows up to 1″ long. Navaho is a very heavy producer that ripens in August and bears fruit for one month. Flowers are white, in early spring. The Navaho grows to 4-5′ high and 4-5′ wide. These sweet blackberries are perfect eaten fresh, baking pies or making preservs. They also make an excellent syrup!

Plant in loamy well drained soil. Preferred soil pH for blackberries is 5.6 to 6.2. Erect and self pollinating

Full sun is recommended

Zones 6-10

Ships bare-root

These are 2 year plants


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