Jane Magnolia

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Zones 4-8

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The Jane Magnolia is a vigorous, upright tree/shrub that grows to heights of 10-15′ and widths up to 10′.  The flowers resemble slender tulips and are reddish-purple on the outside, white on the inside. This plant is generally grown in multi-stem form. Magnolias are classic small flowering ornamental plants great for any sunny garden situation. The Jane Magnolia’s blossoms are large, pink and fragrant;  abundant, long-lasting blooms.

Jane grow well in organically rich, well-drained soil and neutral to acidic soil. Ideally soil should be evenly moist but not soggy. They can grow in moderate shade, but growth and flower production are best in full sun or partial shade and require little pruning. In Northern climates, planting in a location with some wind protection may be best for the Jane’s large leaves and soft wood.

Full sun is recommended

Zones 4-8

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