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Honeycrisp Apple Tree

Zones 3-7

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The Honeycrisp Apple Tree is a moderately vigorous tree with a somewhat spreading growth habit. It can grow to heights of 14-15′, with spreads to 12-15′ wide. Honeycrisp apples are mottled red over a yellow background. A nearly solid red coloration develops only if the fruit is well exposed to the sun. These apples feature exceptionally crisp and juicy texture, sub-acid and mildly aromatic flavor, and excellent storage life.

It appears to be well suited to a central leader training system, although the leader may require staking or some fruit removal due to early bearing.

Harvest time is September. Required chills hours: 800-1,000 hours. Stores well for weeks in refrigeration.

Full sun is recommended

Zones 3-7


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