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Hill’s Privet Hedge

 Zones 5-8

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The Hill’s Privet Hedge (Ligustrum x hills) will grow to heights of 10-15′ with spreads of up to 4–6′ -at maturity. It grows at a fast rate, with height increases of more than 24″ per year. The hedge will need regular maintenance and trimming. Features dark glossy purple and green foliage, this is one of the most semi-evergreen privets on the market. (Photo was taken in zone 7a in February) The Hill’s Privet has pretty lightly-scented creamy white lilac-like flowers at the ends of the branches, it blooms from late spring to early summer (may not appear on heavily pruned plants). Can be used as a hedge or privacy screen. If left untrimmed, it grows in a pyramidal shape. The Hill’s Privet grows in acidic, alkaline, loamy, moist, rich, sandy, silty loam and well-drained soils. Full sun to partial shade is recommended. Hedge Spacing: Plant 9-12″ apart.
Zones 5-8
Ships bare-root at 3-4ft

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