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Granny Smith Apple Tree

Zones 6-9

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The Granny Smith Apple tree is a fruiting tree that grows to heights of 18-20′ with spreads of 16-18′ wide. It is considered a fast growing tree. Granny Smith Apple trees are quite easy to grow and are not overly susceptible to disease or infestation. It tends to be a strong-limbed tree, able to manage its harvest without the need for additional supports.

Blooms mid April and produces high-quality, tart apples on a reliable tree. One of the best known apple varieties for both cooking and snacking, Granny Smith enjoys a long history of being an apple with exceptional qualities. Its lovely, green skin (occasionally with a subtle, pink blush), presents a vibrant sight amid the branches in October. The apples are durable, lasting up to six months with refrigeration.

To encourage the most fruit production, a Granny Smith apple tree must be pruned regularly for proper branching. When the Granny Smith apple tree is pruned in this way, it will be healthier, will have stronger limbs, and will bear more fruit earlier in the season.It can be long-lived under optimal conditions and is quite heat tolerant.

The Granny Smith apple tree is able to grow in many different types of soil. Harvest late October. The Granny Smith is another low chill apple, only requiring 400 chill hours.  Pollinate with Fuji, Ginger Gold & Honeycrisp

Full sun is recommended

Zones 6-9

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