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Zones 5-8

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The Gala Apple tree is a fruiting tree that grows to heights of 12-16′ with spread of 12-16′ wide at a maturity. It is considered a moderate grower with vigorous fruiting potential. It is an upright, but spreading tree.

This is a low-chill apple with a sweet taste and a crisp firm texture. Wonderful dessert apple from New Zealand. Crisp, nice blend of sweetness and tartness, rich flavor. Skin reddish orange over yellow. Early harvest. Good pollinator for other varieties. Adapted to cold- and warm-winter climates. It is an easy to grow apple that can be grown organically. The fruit keeps for several months refrigerated.

Blooms mid-season, the Gala is technically self-fruitful, meaning one Gala apple tree can pollinate another. However, this method of pollination does not promote the best crop. Crops will be smaller than if cross pollination is used. Red Delicious, Yellow Delicious and Fuji. Thinning it down to one fruit per cluster will promote larger fruit. Trim annually to promote proper vigor and reduce the amount of spurs that it eventually will produce. Avoid over-pruning.

Harvest August-September. The Gala is a low chill apple, so it will only need 500 chill hours.

Full sun is recommended.

Zones 5-8

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