French Willow

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Zones 4-8

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French Pussy Willows (Salix Discolor) are extremely easy to multiply. They root so easily that stems of almost any size can simply be stuck into a vase of water where they will form roots in just a few weeks. They can then be potted into liner pots with moist soil for a few more weeks while their roots develop, or they can be planted directly into the ground in spring. The cutting must be set the right end up, as it originally grew.

French willows grow well in almost any soil, but it is a good idea to supplement it with peat moss, leaf mold, or compost. They require full sun to thrive but will survive in the shade as well. As with most willows, they do best when given lots of water.

Although they can be allowed to grow unpruned, the plant will benefit from regular pruning after blooming. Prune the lowest branches back to the trunk, and prune for shape. You can even cut the tree back to a 6-inch stump every two to three years; just remember that severe pruning results in longer stems and larger catkins. Flowers form on the previous season’s growth, not on new growth, so do not prune until after the flowers have faded. Can be grown as a small tree or large shrub.

Full sun to partial shade is recommended.

Zones 4-8

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