Diana Althea Trees


Zones 5-9

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The Diana Tree-form Althea A.K.A. Rose of Sharon, has been grafted to produce a tree form version of one of Americas favorite flowering shrubs. The 5-petaled, 6-inch flowers are pure white. Even the stamens are creamy white, creating a blossom of pure perfection that is especially striking against the dark green foliage. This ornamental tree will grow to heights of 8′-12′ with spreads up to 6-8′. The blooms will often stay open even at night! The flowers begin to blossom in summer, and continue on until fall.

Altheas are easy to grow; preferring a well-drained moist soil. Maintenance is minimal requiring little or no pruning. Insect and disease problems are little to none. Quite drought tolerant when established.

Full sun is recommended.

Zones 5-9

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