Corkscrew Willow Trees


Zones 4-8

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The Corkscrew Willow (Salix Matsudana Tortuosa) is a medium-sized to large, deciduous, rapidly growing tree. It can mature to a height of 20–40′ tall, but has a short lifespan. The Corkscrew Willow is dioceous, with the male and female catkins on separate trees. The leaves are narrow, light green, around 4–10 cm long and 1–2 cm broad. The flowers are borne in catkins in early spring. The tree earned its name thanks to its unique branching habit. As the tree grows, its branches reach out and twist this way and that, creating curls or corkscrews. This gives the corkscrew willow year round interest. In the spring, it has lovely buds. In the summer, its graceful leaves provide shade. During the fall, the leaves turn a bright, yellow color before dropping to the ground. Winter allows the corkscrew willow’s wonderful branches to be seen against a bright blue sky or white snow cover. Grows well in most soil conditions.

Prefers full sun/partial shade

Zones 4-8

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