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Chicago Hardy Fig Tree

Zones 6-10

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The Chicago Hardy Fig (Ficus carica) is a brown fig, rich and sweet with a fine grainy texture. Under the right conditions, this fig tree can grow to heights of 15-30′ with spreads up to 15-35′.

This tree is best potted, but it is one of the best dependable outdoor figs (depending on the climate). If grown outside, it may die back in colder climates and resume growth in spring. Success will vary with every location, so be sure to give it the warmest, most protected place. During cooler months, the plant can be moved indoors. Without protection, the mature bushes top would die back from the winter cold, but sprouted from the roots and ripened some figs at the end of the season. Most fig varieties do not share this trait. Usually, a fig’s above-ground growth must survive the winter in order to fruit the following season. Leaves are the 5-lobed type and the plant has a bush form in the east. Space them at least 10 to 15′ apart.

Hardy Chicago ripens from late July, August and even until fall frost.

Whether planting in a pot or in the ground, this tree will require good drainage of freshwater. Self-fertile. The soil pH level should be between 6.0 – 6.5.

Zones 6-10


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