Burning Bush


Zones 4-8

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The Burning Bush (Euonymus Alatus  ‘Compacta’) is from a large group of shrubs and small trees in the genus.  Native to Asia, this large bush has a natural open form that shows well in borders, beds and even containers. Almost any site and soil condition is sufficient when growing burning bush plants. Care of burning bush is minimal too, which makes the plant an excellent choice for even novice gardeners. The arching stems are decorated with clusters of finely pointed leaves that droop appealingly from the branch. The plant will get tiny flowers in May to June that turn into tiny dangling red berries. Birds eat the berries and inadvertently plant the seeds in your garden. In rich soils, even dropped berries may sprout and become new plants.
Burning bush plants may get 9 to 15 feet tall. Any soil type, including alkaline, may support burning bush growth. However, when growing burning bush, it’s best to place the shrub in sites with excellent drainage but lightly moist soil.
Plant 7-10ft apart.
Full sun to partial shade is recommended.
Zones 4-8

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