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Zones 6-9

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The Boysenberry plant grows to heights of 4-6′ with spreads up to 4-6′. There is nothing quite as unique as a boysenberry, a multiple cross between Raspberry, Loganberry and Blackberry. The flavor is unmatched and makes a delicious cobbler, jelly or topping for ice cream, yogurt and parfaits. It is a splendor for the home garden. The berries are dark in color and sweetness of a blackberry with the tart richness of a raspberry running through the background. It only gets better -it on a thornless bush!

Boysenberries require sites with that are well-drained, with a recommend soil pH level of 6.5 – 6.8. Planting boysenberries in rows, rather than hills, makes them an easily managed addition to any home garden. Rows that are 36″ wide with a 36″ aisle between the rows will maximize space but still allow enough room to work between the rows. A trellis system is a necessity.

Self-fertile. Ripens late May through late June. Yields up to 20 pounds per plant.

Full sun is recommended.

Zones 6-9

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