Ayers Pear Tree


Zones: 5-9


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The Ayers Pear tree is a fruiting tree that grows to heights of 20-25′, with spreads of 10-15′ wide at maturity. It is considered a moderate grower. The Ayers pear tree consists of strong, vertical branches that need very little pruning.

Blooms are white during spring, giving way to a sweet Ayers Pear, yellow with a red blush. The flesh is smooth and melting with a very sweet flavor. Don’t allow these pears to ripen while they’re still on the tree. Put them in storage where they can ripen more evenly.

Plant the Ayers tree where it will receive more than six hours of direct sunlight every day. Spacing should be at least 15′ apart. It tolerates heat and humidity and likes growing in fertile, well-drained soil with a pH range of 5.5 to 7.  This tree can suffer from fire blight and is vulnerable to attack from leaf rollers, blister mites, caterpillars, powdery mildew, aphids, dieback, scab and scale insects.

The tree is vigorous, upright and fire blight resistant. The blooms are partially self-pollinating, but better crops will develop pollinating with another high chill variety like Bartlett or Blake’s Pride or another Ayers. Ripens late July to early August. The Ayers Pear will need at least 600 chill hours.

Full sun is recommend

Zones 5-9

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