Arkansas Black Apple Tree


Zones 4-8

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The Arkansas Black Apple tree is a fruiting tree that grows to heights of  12-16′ with spreads of 12-15′. It is considered a moderate grower. The apple tree is very hardy and vigorous, oval in shape with a wide spread. Blush pink blooms appear late. Fruit is very dark, almost black skin. The flesh is gold and juicy. The fruit has a distinctive tart flavor and can be used for many purposes; cooking or baking, pies, sauces juice, cider. They have an excellent storage life. They keep for many months. Plant Arkansas Black Apple trees in a sunny location in well-drained soil. The apple tree is very hardy and vigorous. The Arkansas Black apple tree is a heavy, but late bearer and ripens October to November.  The Arkansas Black Apple tree will require at least 800-900 chill hours. Full sun is recommended

Zones 4-8

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