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Althea – Aphrodite (Rose of Sharon)

Zones 5-9

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The Aphrodite Althea, A.K.A. Rose of Sharon, is one of America’s favorite flowering shrubs.  An abundance of large, pink flowers centered with red are produced during the summer. They seem to just keep on blooming and blooming -for up to three months! No need to worry about seedlings or sprouts coming up from the roots, this in a non-invasive variety. Altheas are easy to grow; preferring well-drained moist soil. Maintenance is minimal requiring little or no pruning. Insect and disease problems are little to none. Quite drought tolerant when established.

Full sun to partial shade is recommended.

Zones 5-9

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12-18" Burlap Wrap, 1-2 ft Burlap Wrap, 1-2 ft Bare-Root

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