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American Beautyberry

Zones 6-10

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American Beautyberry (Callicarpa americana) is a native perennial shrub. It most often grows 3-5 ft. tall and usually just as wide. It can reach 9 ft. in height in favorable soil and moisture conditions. Features long, arching branches and yellow-green fall foliage. Its most striking feature is the clusters of glossy, iridescent-purple fruit (sometimes white) which hug the branches at leaf axils in the fall and winter. The elliptical to ovate shaped leaves have an opposite arrangement with saw-toothed margins. The underside of the leaves may be covered with wooly like hairs. The stems are slender, gray to reddish-brown, and terete or four-sided. The seeds and berries are important foods for many species of birds, particularly the Northern Bobwhite. Foliage is a favorite of White-tailed Deer.

Plant 4-6ft apart.
Full sun to partial shade is recommended.
Zones 6-10

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