What Is “Bare-Root”?

Bare-root trees are trees without soil or a container. Bare-root trees are dug up when they have gone completely dormant. All of the soil has been removed from the root system before preparing them for shipment. Planting bare-root is a preferred method for garden enthusiasts because these trees are easier to plant and they are much more economical than traditional ball and burlap or even container goods. These young trees & plants will arrive without any apparent green growth, but they will spring to life during the growing season.

*Why Our Prices Are Much Less
A lot of nurseries pot bare-root trees and substantially inflate the price for a “container” plant.  In fact, a large portion of the price is to simply cover the shipping expense… A large pot of dirt is heavy!  Don’t be fooled by these tactics.  Many of our customers purchase our bare-root plants and trees with the intention of potting them themselves.  They save a ton of money and this provides them the flexibility to plant whenever they like!